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General Articles

Articles on specific towers

Marylebone (All Saints)

  • "Report on the bells", Clouston, R M C, Technical consultant on Bells for the CCC () 5 March 1966

  • Ranald Clouston's report on the bells in 1966 with recommendations for future work

    Mayfair (Atkinson's Building)

  • "The Old Bond St Carillon", Galloway, J (The Ringing World) 4 February 2011

  • Paddington (St Michael & All Angels)

  • "St Michael's, Star St, Paddington", Dalton, C J N (The Ringing World) 1 July 2005

  • Pimlico (St Saviour)

  • "Opening of St Saviour's, Pimlico", RJC (The Ringing World) 1 May 1992

  • South Kensington (The Queen's Tower)

  • "The "Queen's" Tower of the former Imperial Institute", The Editor (Ringing World) 12 May 1972

  • "Centenary of the Alexandra Peal", Buswell C, Edwards, C F (The Ringing World) 7 May 1993

  • "The Imperial Institute Bells", Crowest, F J (Supplement to The Graphic) 13 May 1893

  • Westminster (Collegiate Church of St Peter)

  • "Westminster Abbey bells", Lucas, C W (The Ringing World) 10 September 1971

  • "An Historic Occasion: Westminster Abbey Bells dedicated", Unattributed (The Ringing World) 3 December 1971

  • "Great Tom of Westminster", Ridley, C (The Ringing World) 17 June 2004

  • "Westminster Abbey bells", Unattributed (The Ringing World) 22 December 1972

  • "Westminster Abbey - the facts", Meadows, R B (The Ringing World) 4 May 1984

  • "When the Abbey bells ring", Unattributed (The Ringing World) 8 June 1984

  • "2 June 2003 at Westminster Abbey - A service to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Coronation of HMQ", Hilling, D P (The Ringing World) 27 June 2003

  • Westminster (Glockenspiel)

  • "Glockenspiel Planning Application", Jestico & Whites on behalf of Switzerland Tourism (City of Westminster) 22 July 2010

  • Westminster (Metropolitan Cathedral of the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ (RC))

  • "Big Edward", Lennard, Fr S (The Ringing World) 23 August 1996

  • "Westminster Cathedral - 3 small bells", Blair, A (The Ringing World) 8 August 1997

  • Westminster (Queen Elizabeth Tower, Palace of Westminster)

  • "Big Ben's 150th anniversary", Unattributed (The Ringing World) 11 April 2008

  • "The Westminster Clock Bell", Unattributed (The Illustrated London News) 13 September 1856

  • "Experiment upon the Great Bell of the New Palace at Westminster", Unattributed (The Illustrated London News) 27 December 1856

  • "Breaking up "Big Ben"", Unattributed (The Illustrated London News) 6 March 1858

  • "Recasting of the Clock Bell for the New Houses of Parliament", Unattributed (The Illustrated London News) 17 April 1858

  • "The Great Bell for the Houses of Parliament", Unattributed (The Illustrated London News) 5 June 1858

  • "Raising the Great Bell at the New Palace, Westminster", Unattributed (The Illustrated London News) 16 October 1858

  • Westminster (St Clement Danes)

  • "Central Council Meeting London 1972: St Clement Danes, Strand", Unattributed (The Ringing World) 26 May 1972

  • "Dedication at St Clement Danes", Unattributed (The Ringing World) 7 March 1980

  • Dedication of the new tenor bell.

    Westminster (St Margaret of Antioch)

  • "The St Margaret's Society celebrates its centenary", Unattributed (The Ringing World) 22 July 1994

  • Westminster (St Martin in the Fields)

  • "Photographs of the installation of the new ring of 12", Garton, D (The Ringing World) 16 December 1988

  • "The Bells of St Martin's, London", Griffin, A (The Ringing World) 9 June 1989

  • "Foundry Focus - work at Whitechapel", Unattributed (The Ringing World) 20 July 1990

  • "Historic bells abandoned in Perth", Dennis, R (The Ringing World) 30 October 1992

  • "The Bells of the Church of St Martin-in-the-Fields, London", Knewstub, D (The Ringing World) 19 April 2002

  • Westminster (St Stephen)

  • "Baroness Bountiful", Cawley, D L (The Ringing World) 18 September 1992

  • Love's Guide to the Bells of the City of Westminster