Here is a list links to articles that have appeared in The Ringing World, reproduced by kind permission of the Editor.
Old Bond Street Carillon
"The Old Bond Street Carillon" by Jonathan Galloway. RW 4th Feb 2011
Palace of Westminster
"Great Tom of Westminster" by Christopher Ridley. RW 17th Sept 2004
"Big Ben's 150th Anniversary" author unknown. RW 11th Apr 2008
The Queen's Tower, Imperial College
"The Queen's Tower of the former Imperial Institute" author unknown. RW 12th May 1972
"Centenary of the Alexandra Peal" by Clive Buswell and Claire F Edwards. RW 7th May 1993
St Clement Danes, Strand
"St Clement Danes" by William T Cook. RW 126th May 1972
"Dedication at St Clement Danes" author unknown. RW 7th Mar 1980
St Margaret, Parliament Square
"St Margaret's Society celebrates its centenary" author unknown. RW 22nd Jul 1994
St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square
"St Martin-in-the-Fields" (photographs) RW 16th Dec 1988
"The Bells of St Martin's, London" by Alan Griffin. RW 9th Jun 1989
"Foundry Focus - work at Whitechapel" author unknown. RW 20th Jul 1990
"Historic bells abandoned in Perth" by Robert Dennis. RW 30th Oct 1992
"The Bells of the Church of St Martin-in-the-Fields, London" by William T Cook, edited David Knewstub. RW 19th Apr 2002
St Michael, Star Street
"St Michael's, Star Street, Paddington" by Christopher Dalton. RW 1st Jul 205
St Saviour, Pimlico
"Opening of St Saviour's, Pimlico" by RJC. RW 1st May 1992
St Stephen, Rochester Row
"Baroness Bountiful" by David L Cawley. RW 18th Sept 1992
Westminster Abbey
"Westminster Abbey bells" by C W Lucas. RW 10th Sept 1971
"An Historic Occasion: Westminster Abbey bells dedicated" author unknown. RW 3rd Dec 1971
"Westminster Abbey bells" author unknown. RW 22nd Dec 1971
"Westminster Abbey - the facts" by Rodney B Meadows. RW 4th May 1984
"When the Abbey bells ring" author unknown. RW 8th Jun 1984
"2nd June, 2003 at Westminster Abbey - A service to mark the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II" author unknown. RW 27th Jun 2003
Westminster Cathedral
"Big Edward" by Fr Shaun Lennard. RW 23rd Aug 1996
"Westminster Cathedral - three smaller bells" by Alan Blair. RW 8th Aug 1997





Big Ben Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster

There was a lot of press coverage when the bells of Westminster Clock Tower were cast, recast, hung and installed. Here is a selection of articles and illustrations from newspapers at the time.

The Imperial Institute Bells

This article about the bells in the Queen's Tower, Knightsbridge (formerly known as the Imperial Institute) appeared in the Supplement to The Graphic on 13th May, 1893, when the bells were installed. The authors delighted in the fact that this was now the highest belfry in the United Kingdom.

The Imperial Institute Bells