Rings of bells that have been lost, either sold, destroyed or  transferred elsewhere.


ST ANDREW, Wells Street [Marylebone] (8: 19-2-0) Church and bells to Kingsbury 1934.
ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST, Wilton Road [Westminster] (8: 9-3-17) Scrapped with church in c1940.
ST LUKE, Nutford Place [Marylebone] (6: 7 cwt appprox.) Scrapped with church 1966.
ST MICHAEL & ALL ANGELS, Star Street [Paddington] (8: 18-2-14) Metal used for Tooting Graveney bells 1967
ST SAVIOUR, Warwick Avenue Old Church [Paddington]
(2: 6-1-20)
Treble scrapped; tenor in New Church.



CHRIST CHURCH, Cosway St [St Marylebone] (3: cwt) Metal used in 1981 in Canterbury Cathedral's bells
CHRIST CHURCH, Lancaster Gate [Paddington] (2: 14-3-8) Scrapped in 1978. Church now houses.
CHRIST CHURCH, Victoria St [Westminster] (2: 4 cwt approx.)
Tower destroyed. 1 bell trans. to St Peter Eaton Sq.
CHRIST CHURCH, Victoria St Exhibition Chime [Westminster] (8: 3-3-6)
Installed & removed in 1930
REGAL CINEMA 1st Carillon, Marble Arch [St Marylebone] (32: 6 -0-0) Partially transferred separately
REGAL CINEMA 2nd Carillon, Marble Arch [St Marylebone] (32: 6-2-3)
In storage in Cornwall with organ
ST LUKE, Fernhead Road [West Kilburn]
ST PAUL, Portman Square  [St Marylebone]
(5: 2 cwt approx.) Hemispherical bells lost when church was demolished