The Rings of Ten

There is only 1 ring of 10 in the City, although there have been others in the past. Rings have either been augmented to 12, or have been lost. In the case of St Dionis Backchurch, the 10 bells here were transferred to All Hallows Lombard St in 1876, only to be transferred on to Twickenham when the church was pulled down in 1938.
Order Year of creation Tower Tenor when created Tenor now Comments
1. 1726WESTMINSTER, St Martin in the Fields31-2-1829-1-1Augmented to 12 in 1727.

2. 1761WESTMINSTER, St Margaret of Antioch26 cwt approx.26-0-26

3. 1844WESTMINSTER, St Clement Danes24 cwt approx.21-1-23

4. 1849PIMLICO, St Barnabas19-3-719-3-7

5. 1893SOUTH KENSINGTON, The Queen's Tower38-1-1538-1-15

6. 1971WESTMINSTER, Collegiate Church of St Peter30-1-1530-1-15

Love's Guide to the Bells of the City of Westminster