Bells of the City of Westminster

St John

Pimlico, St John, Wilton Road

The ring of 8 destroyed in 1940

Bell Weight Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
14 cwt approx.25¼"1878John Warner & SonsDestroyed 1940
24¾ cwt approx.26½"1878John Warner & SonsDestroyed 1940
35¼ cwt approx.28"1878John Warner & SonsDestroyed 1940
46 cwt approx.30"1878John Warner & SonsDestroyed 1940
56½ cwt approx.32"1878John Warner & SonsDestroyed 1940
67¾ cwt approx.34"1878John Warner & SonsDestroyed 1940
79 cwt approx.36"1878John Warner & SonsDestroyed 1940
89-3-1738½"1878John Warner & SonsDestroyed 1940


1874 The church was built as a chapel of ease to St Peter, Eaton Square.
1878 A ring of 8 bells was supplied by John Warner and Sons. They were "opened" at the dedication service on 2nd October by members of the Ancient Society of College Youths.
c 1940 The church was destroyed in the War and the remains pulled down a few years later. The bells are assumed to have been destroyed. The church was located on the west side of Wilton Road between Hudson's Place and Gillingham Street. The building now on the site now is number 129 Wilton Road.

Interior of the church


Order of Service for the Dedication

Photo: ASCY Library

Photo: ASCY Library

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